Picture Hope


Picture Hope is an ongoing project that has the purpose of blessing and encouraging cancer patients through creating beautiful, fun, imaginative, meaningful portraits for them. Through that, we also have the goal of spreading awareness, and educating the community connected with these families and beyond. Our goal with each cancer patient is to create a unique portrait for them that tells their story, fulfills a desire, realizes a dream, etc. We will use the portraits and behind the scenes videos and interviews to tell their story to the community and beyond. Participants will be chosen through an application process. We will encourage the donation of support for organizations that are a part of patient wellness in their day to day lives. The final art pieces are available to be part of a gallery collection to be displayed in a local hospitals and businesses. We hope this will continue to spread the awareness of those dealing with cancer around us, bring hope and joy to the families who are in the midst of the daily battle, and help to educate the community on how to support cancer patients in these daily struggles, as well as how to be proactive in their own wellness and the wellness of their loved ones.

Mission Statement for Picture Hope: To use artistic portrait photography to lift up individuals who are fighting cancer and to inspire others to take action.

If you know anyone that you think might be a good candidate for a Picture Hope portrait, please contact us at keelykohl@gmail.com with “Picture Hope Applicant Lead” in the subject line.

“Princess Harper as Herself”

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