About Us

Keely K. Studios is a portrait studio located in Salem, OR. We specialize in wedding photography, engagement photography, high school senior portraits, and family portraits. Other types of shoots we offer include a “Bump to Baby” package for families with newborns, glamour portraits, boudoir photography, and corporate headshots.


Keely Kohl

I believe in leaving a legacy through photos.

I’ve always been more interested in the people I photograph than the technical aspects of photography itself. To me it’s more about showing the beauty in my clients and telling their story, than it is about taking the most creative or technically correct photo anyone has ever seen. So, I suppose there are a quite a few photographers out there who probably wouldn’t consider me a “true photographer.” Maybe they are right. Maybe I’m just a story teller… and I’m more than fine with that.

I don’t carry my camera everywhere. I choose to leave it at home to see through the lens of my eyes and be fully present with my family, friends, and my surroundings. I believe that this has given me a realistic, real-life view for when I do step behind the camera. (But believe me: I’m always studying the light and I see pictures everywhere. There’s no turning that part of my brain off!)

I would love the opportunity to photograph you and tell your story. Meaningful, genuine, beautiful photographs of your wedding, your family, and your children are something that should be loved, cherished, and handed down through the generations. Let’s talk about how to tell your story.

If you are curious about a few personal facts…

I love my Savior, Jesus, and give Him the full credit for the many blessings in my life. I am married to an amazing man and we have a beautiful angel of a daughter who was born in July of 2016. I enjoy teaching (I’m a Certified Pilates Instructor and former ballet teacher). I grew up studying ballet and jazz and now when I get a chance to dance (even when it is with my baby girl to salsa music in the living room) it feeds my soul. I have ADOS (Attention Deficit Ooh Sparkly) and embrace it. I love the outdoors and going on adventures in our beautiful state. Part of that is related to being a Mycopheliac. Basically, that means that I love to find, admire, and eat wild mushrooms, and I squeal like a little girl when I find them in the woods. Also, I use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces and it has taken a near Herculean effort for me to refrain from using them in this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Cassi Yoder


Cassi Yoder, is our resident professional hair and makeup artist. Cassi graduated from College of Hair Design in 2012, and is licensed in Cosmetology. She works in the hair and makeup industry, serving clients for our photoshoots, as well as freelancing for special occasions, and weddings. She loves what she does and is very passionate about her work. You will be in great hands with Cassi. We love everything she does and she is a joy just to be around!

Caleb Kohl


Caleb is my other half, in life and in business. We were married in June of 2010. Caleb handles the “left brained” parts of the business and takes care of the numbers and accounting. (This reminds me to thank God for Caleb on a regular basis.) Also, you will probably meet Caleb if you are one of our senior reps. He is the steady hand behind the “behind-the-scenes” rep videos you see on our website. Caleb is a licensed real estate agent and has a passion for investing in real estate and for teaching first time home owners what they need to know when buying their first home. Check out his blog Does Prosper for his thoughts on responsible finances, real estate, and family.

Sophia Walz




Sophia is my wedding assistant/second shooter and also works with me doing some of my editing and blogging during the busy summer months. She has a natural eye for beauty and a B.A. in English from Corban University. Sophia and her husband Andy were married in 2015 (with me as their photographer!)

Fun fact: Our families have been good friends for years and my sister Stephanie was Sophia’s maid of honor AND our dad performed their ceremony!

Stephanie Pratt


Stephanie is another wedding assistant/second shooter/right-hand-woman. She is my one and only sister and one of her super powers is the ability to read my mind (or wild hand signals, which, if we are being completely honest, is a super power in itself.) Stephanie works at Sunflower Farms near Silverton, Oregon following her passion for horticulture. You might see her at weddings staring up into the trees. (She is looking for witches brooms, but that is a whole other story…)


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  1. I was wondering what your prices are for newborn/family photo session 🙂 Yoire pictures are stunning!

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