Senior Reps Class of 2020 “Gypsy Soul”

This theme was the answer to my boho dreams ❤ I’ve been wanting to do a boho theme for a looong time but was never confident that we could get the right “look” with the wardrobe. But this year I was determined! So I did the research, made the mood boards, messaged back and forth with the kids and sent up a soft hallelujah when I found out that one of the Reps had a closet full of boho clothes!! (Thank you, Yaira!)

This was also the perfect theme to play around with a little twinkle light magic. So fun and I LOVE how those turned out!!!

So many thanks to my dear friend Josie Bennett for letting us use her adorable VW Bug and for driving out into the middle of nowhere to meet us. You are a gem!!! ❤

Photographer: Keely Kohl

Video Footage: Stephanie Pratt

Lead Costume and Designer/Assistant: Jane Roth

Hair and Makeup Transitions: Cassi Yoder

Priceless Assistant: Jo Buxton


So thankful for every one of these amazing seniors!

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