Parker :: Class of 2019

Let’s face it. It’s typically a bit harder for senior guys to get excited about senior photos than it is for senior girls. I get it. No hard feelings. BUT occasionally, I’ll get a senior GUY client who is stoked about getting some awesome photos that document this moment in time for him. YESSS!!! Let’s do it!!!!

Parker was one of these guys! He brought along a fantastic wardrobe that shows off his fun style and this is definitely the first time I have ever documented someone’s love of fishing. Hi only eye-roll might have been because of the bow tie he “had” to wear for Grandma, but hey, they are great pics. 😉

Parker is the star of that “bicycle kick” picture that created a bit of a stir on social media this summer. I can’t really take the credit for the epic-ness of that photo… it was all this guy right here!

Parker, thank you for being such a blast to work with. You are an exceptional young man… you are kind, fun, talented, full of energy, and you are obviously going places. Keep being awesome. Can’t wait to see what your future holds!

Locations: Downtown Salem, Minto Brown Island Park, Blanchet


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