Logan :: Class of 2019

Senior guy sessions are a fun treat for me to shoot and Logan’s was no exception. There is something extra relaxed and chill about working with senior guys. I always start the session with explaining to them that if they can just relax and be themselves, that will be the very best thing they can do to get great photos. Logan totally achieved that. It probably helped that his beautiful family was there to cheer him on and they brought along props and clothing pieces that were meaningful to him… skateboards, cello, soccer…

Let’s just talk about Logan’s soccer pictures for a minute… ahem. The rain had been holding off for us all session and when we arrived at Blanchet for his soccer pics, the sun was setting and the rain started to fall. I was kinda thinking “oh man now I’ll probably have to lay on the ground in wet grass” when I turned around and saw a freaking rainbow right above Logan. I went a little crazy. “Quick!!! Stand there!! Kick the ball!! Do it again!!!!” It didn’t stick around for long, but long enough for us to get one of my favorite pics of the YEAR. Then I turned around and freaked out again because the sunset! The clouds!! :O

Locations: Downtown Salem, Pringle Park, Blanchet Catholic School


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