Class of 2019 Senior Reps “Sugar Sugar”

What a fantastic group of class of 2019 reps! We had such a blast during our themed shoot day and kicking off this senior season. Senior shoots represent to me not only the accomplishments and growth that has taken place so far in these teen’s lives but also the hopes and dreams for an amazing future for these awesome world-changers!

This is the first of 3 blog posts to share the images from our rep shoot. Even though these aren’t quite ALL of the images, these will most of my absolute favorites.

The first theme of the day was “Sugar Sugar.” This theme was all about sweets, fun, lovely colors, chic funky style and cupcakes. 😉

Location: A special thank you to Sugar Sugar on State St. in Salem for letting us use your adorable shop as the PERFECT backdrop for this set!

Photographer: Keely Kohl

Video Footage: Stephanie Pratt

Lead Costume and Set Designer/Assistants: Jane and Claire Roth

Makeup and Hair: Cassi Yoder, Lacey Dahlstrom, Amie Lapray, Sarah Taylor, Laura Severin, Caytlan McIntire, Alex Schamp

Assistant: Stephanie Roth


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