Class of 2019 Senior Reps “Over the Rainbow”

This is the last of 3 blog posts to share the images from our rep shoot. Even though these aren’t quite ALL of the images, these will most of my absolute favorites.

The final theme of the day was “Over the Rainbow” inspired by the song by the same name and in loving memory of Elizabeth Hoke. Elizabeth was one of our reps 2 years ago and just one of the most amazing people on this planet. Tragically, last fall, she was killed in a car accident. Her family is propelling her legacy forward with scholarships, community service, and spreading the reminder to “Be here now!” to make the most of your life and time with loved ones. I presented the kids with bracelets that are from Elizabeth’s trust and are meant to remind us to “be here now” a mindset that was important to Elizabeth and that she lived out in her life. Elizabeth’s beautiful sister Abbie is one of our reps this year and that is so incredibly special to me to have her be a part of this.

The set was made to come alive by the beautiful balloon arch constructed by my talented and oh-so-tolerant friends Jane, Claire, and Stephanie Roth. Thank you girls for bringing the vision to reality!!

Photographer: Keely Kohl

Video Footage: Stephanie Pratt

Lead Costume and Set Designer/Assistants: Jane and Claire Roth

Hair and makeup transitions: Cassi Yoder

Makeup and Hair: Cassi Yoder, Lacey Dahlstrom, Amie Lapray, Sarah Taylor, Laura Severin, Caytlan McIntire, Alex Schamp

Assistant: Stephanie Roth


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