Class of 2019 Senior Reps “Circus Dream”

This is the second of 3 blog posts to share the images from our rep shoot. Even though these aren’t quite ALL of the images, these will most of my absolute favorites.

The second theme of the day was “Circus Dream.” Probably not a huge leap of the imagination to see where I was inspired to do this theme. “The Greatest Showman” certainly made me dream about running away with the circus so I wanted a theme to convey the magic that draws you in to something beautiful like that.

We had “dreamers” and “performers” and the reps got to choose the style they wanted to go with. I was so impressed by their bravery in being willing and excited to try stunts on the Lyra and Silks! Some of these kids probably COULD join the circus!

A couple of special thank yous go out to the Bannerman family for taking time out of their day to bring our surprise 4-legged guest and to Bonnie Kaufman for teaching the kids the poses on the equipment. You guys are amazing, thank you!!!

Photographer: Keely Kohl

Video Footage: Stephanie Pratt

Lead Costume and Set Designer/Assistants: Jane and Claire Roth

Makeup and Hair: Cassi Yoder, Lacey Dahlstrom, Amie Lapray, Sarah Taylor, Laura Severin, Caytlan McIntire, Alex Schamp

Assistant: Stephanie Roth


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