Madelyn :: Class of 2018

Madelyn was another of our class of 2018 senior reps! She was so stunning as Snow White in our Once Upon a Time theme!

We started her session in the always amazing Book Bin to celebrate her love of books!

Then we headed downtown to the same alley where we did our Urban Bloom theme from the rep shoot day and finished at the Log House Garden venue (the owners are long-time friends of her family). The grand finale however was a fantastic truck ride (not for the faint of heart) through the fields and orchards, down to the river at the back end of the property. Sooooo worth getting eaten alive by mosquitos for. We would shoot until they found us, run back to the truck and drive to the next safe spot. Hilarious and slightly terrifying… haha!

Madelyn is as beautiful inside as she is out. Eager with her radiant smiles, hugs, and sweetness… love this special girl!!!


When mom steps in to save your barefoot tootsies from the brambles! ❤


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