Brenna :: Class of 2018

Sweet, fun, beautiful Brenna… what’s not to love about this amazing girl!? Oh and she’s a dancer so obviously… yep. We’re basically soul mates.

I had the honor of not only taking Brenna’s senior portraits, but she was also one of our senior reps last year so that meant that I got to spend even more time shooting together during our themed shoot day! She was amazing as Wendy in our Once Upon a Time theme last year and she rocked the massive flower crown in our Urban Bloom set.

For her individual senior shoot, she chose a downtown location, and when we got stuck outside of Minto Brown Island Park on the way to our second location (thanks a lot, silly train) we made a quick change of plans and headed to the rose garden at Bush Park for some lovely twilight shots! ❤

So much to love about this shoot… here are some of my favorites!

Also, if you are interested in learning about being a rep for the Class of 2019, the APPLICATION is open until Feb 28, 2018 so don’t waste any time in checking it out!


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