Chase and Brittany :: Married

Talk about contagious happiness, uncontainable joy, and genuine, sweet emotion… Chase and Brittany’s wedding was full of all of those wonderful things and more! I knew from their engagement shoot that the day would be filled with radiant smiles and more than one tear of joy, and I’ll never forget all the beautiful moments that I had the honor to witness.

Brittany had such a sweet first look with her bridesmaids, her dad, and her almost father-in-law. But her first look with Chase was one of the most beautiful I have seen. Chase was so excited and as he waiting for her to approach, he couldn’t hold back the tears! The joy of knowing Brittany and the anticipation of her being his wife, were enough to bring him to tears without having even seen her in her dress yet!

Everyone surrounding the bride and groom that day,the bridal party, their family and friends, also continued to exude, joy, peace, happiness, and love… .

Chase and Brittany, thank you once again for the honor of documenting your incredible wedding day. Your marriage is the start of a new, beautiful family and I am so blessed to know you. May God continue to bless and nurture you in your marriage together… ❤

Venue: the beautiful Gallon House Farms

Florist: Heath Florist


The bridesmaid’s first look of the bride…


When Brittany saw Chase waiting for her…




“Chase, this is the best thing that will ever happen to you.”


Father Daugther…


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