Class of 2018 Senior Reps “Urban Bloom”

This is the third and final blog post to share the images from our rep shoot. Even though these aren’t quite ALL of the images, these are most of my absolute favorites. 😉

The third theme of the day was “Urban Bloom.” These images might have turned out to be some of my favorite rep images of all time! I love the contrast of the rough city scape, the classy, dark, city fashion, and the romantic, bold, fresh flowers…

Photographer: Keely Kohl

Video Footage: Andy and Sophia Walz

Lead Costume and Set Designer/Assistant: Jane Roth

Makeup and Hair: Cassi Yoder, Lacey Dahlstrom, Josie Bennett, Kaitlin Gywn, Amie Lapray, Sarah Taylor, Laura Severin, Gillian Perkins, Stephanie Roth

Makeup and Hair transitions: Cassi Yoder, Stephanie Roth

Assistant: Stephanie Roth

Flower crowns, flower chokers, and boutonnieres: Stephanie Pratt (my very talented seester!)


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