How to Prepare For Your Engagement Shoot with Keely

Photographing engaged couples is an awesome part of my job. It’s a joy to document the love between two people and give them images to remember such a special time. Also, if I’m taking your engagement photos there’s a likelihood I will also be photographing your wedding day (squee!), and your engagement session gives me a chance to get to know you and help you feel comfortable to totally be yourselves around me (Read my blogpost on why I recommend having an engagement shoot.)

I want my clients to have fun during their engagement photoshoot, and preparation is key to having a great time. Below are some things you should know, like what to wear, how to choose a location, and day of details. If you want to know how it’s all going to work, keep reading. Let’s go! 🙂

First Things First

As soon as you know you want engagement photos, call me and book a date because my calendar fills up quickly, especially in the summer months.

What’s Included 

Our engagement packages include the portrait session, professional hair and makeup, and an online download of the final edited images (yay!) to print and also to use on social media.

How to Choose a Great Location

Thankfully, we live in a beautiful state and it’s easy to find a great location for your shoot. But if you’re unsure about a location, I suggest picking a place that is meaningful to you as a couple or fits your personality or favorite activity. Seasonal locations are fun, like colorful trees in the fall or flower fields in the spring. Also, check out my Pinterest location boards for inspiration (Keely K. Studios on PINTEREST). If you don’t have a specific location already, you can show me your favorites from the boards and I can help you choose a location.

How to Choose and Use Props 

Props aren’t necessary for awesome engagement photos. Just because Pinterest is full of couples using lots and lots of props doesn’t mean you need to. But if props sound fun, choose intentionally. If you like crafty things maybe bring one or two meaningful, tasteful props; or if there is something that is meaningful to you, bring a prop that symbolizes it. For example, if he is a firefighter, incorporate a helmet, if you met at a coffee shop, bring mugs, if you like to play music together bring instruments or a cute record player. Don’t go overboard with stuff. Your happy faces are all I need for a successful engagement session.

What to Wear 

Choosing outfits can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. Here are my suggestions: bring 2 to 3 outfits and bring a variety of styles, like casual, dressy, and even fancy. It can be fun to incorporate clothes that are meaningful, like your college sweatshirts or the dress you wore when he proposed. Wear clothes you feel awesome and comfortable in, because if you feel confident and comfortable, you look confident and comfortable. 😉

Pick colors that look good on you and probably avoid neon colors because they don’t tend to translate well on camera. One more quick tip! Please don’t wear something you assume I can photoshop out, like straps, stains, or logos you don’t like. Although most often I can, I would really prefer not to spend time on that. 😉

Here’s my Pinterest board for engagement photo outfits in case you need a little inspiration!

What to Expect The Day of Your Photoshoot

Okay, you’ve chosen a great location, cool props, and awesome outfits for your engagement session. Now it’s time for the day-of details!

For the ladies… preparing for hair and makeup: be ready for our hair and makeup artist with a clean face and clean, dry hair. It can be helpful for her if you bring photos if you have specific ideas for hair and makeup. I would also suggest using a gentle exfoliator and moisturizing well the night before so that the makeup will go on as smoothly as possible.

Logistics: we will meet at the location we will have discussed beforehand. The shoot will last one and a half to two hours.

Money talk: please bring the full payment the day of the shoot, either in cash or check, made out to Keely K. Studios.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 2.12.33 PM

What Happens After Your Photoshoot

My job doesn’t end after your engagement session! I edit the images to make sure that the color and feel of the images is just right, and also take care of any facial retouching that might be needed. (No need to panic about that zit that popped up in the middle of the night!)

It will be approximately two weeks before your photos are ready to view. When the images are ready, we will schedule your viewing/ordering session. That is when you will come to my in-home studio and I will help you order products and create albums. Feel free to invite your parents if they are interested in getting products as well. 🙂

I hope this information helps you feel encouraged and prepared to have a blast during your engagement session!


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