Cole :: Class of 2017

Cole is one of our senior reps. He has a super awesome sense of humor and tons of energy. His photoshoot was a blast, just like him!

I’ve known his family for a number of years and it has been so neat to see how Cole has grown into a wonderful combination of his parents. He has his mother’s enthusiasm and flair for drama, and his dad’s musical talent.

We went for a sophisticated urban feel and downtown Salem provided a great backdrop. He won first in state in high jump this year, so also we took some photos at the track to commemorate his sweet accomplishment!

Like I said, Cole is a super funny guy and his Youtube channel is a great example of his personality and energy. =) He also likes to DJ, when he goes by Noteloc.

Be sure and scroll to the last photo if you want to see this guy as a citizen of Wonderland. 😉


Just for fun, little throw back to Cole’s turn as the Mad Hatter during our rep shoot. This photo kills me.

Alice in Wonderland


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