Tara :: Class of 2017

I have known beautiful Tara since she was a little girl. We attend the same church and she takes ballet at the studio where I danced. It’s been such a joy to watch her grow up! I’ve always appreciated her work ethic, evident from day one of dance class. If you know her, you’ll know that her life hasn’t been the easiest thing, but she has the sweetest smile and meets life’s challenges with so much grace and dignity. I can’t watch her dance without crying!

We had lovely weather for her shoot, and got great shots in downtown Silverton and some gorgeous flower fields. We had a blast with the dancing photos. It’s not easy doing pointe work in a dirt field, but she nailed it!

We’re excited to have Tara as one of our senior reps this year, so if you have questions about senior photos, talk to Tara! 😉


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