Class of 2017 Senior Reps “Gatsby Vogue”

We had such a blast with our Class of 2017 senior reps during their themed shoot day! I can’t say enough how impressed I was with all of our reps with their sense of humor, energy, politeness, and maturity. I can’t WAIT for all of their individual senior sessions this summer!

The second theme of the day was “Gatsby Vogue.” This set was all about glamour, elegance, sophistication, and drama. The reps pulled off the look and feel with ease! You would be more impressed by this if you knew how goofy we all were the rest of the day.

Photographer: Keely Kohl

Video Footage: Sophia Walz

Makeup and Hair: Cassi Yoder, Gillian Perkins, Jane Roth

Jewelry: Hannah Zirschky ~ Noonday Collection

Lead Assistant and Costume Coordinator: Jane Roth

Assistants: Claire Roth, Stephanie Roth


To see the other themes and the behind the scenes video, explore these links!

Behind the Scenes Video



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