Emma :: Class of 2016

Emma was one of our awesome senior reps last year! You probably recognize her from the 50s rep shoot images we have been posting lately… These images are from her individual custom portrait session last fall. I think I might have experienced actual, physical pain trying to narrow it down to my top pics for this post. Ugh! So hard! We had such an amazing shoot!

Emma is a super talented swimmer and we wanted to be able to capture that in her senior portraits. She wanted a beautiful, natural location and we chose Silver Falls. It’s gorgeous up there that time of year! The leaves are just starting to turn and the air is… well… crisp. She did a great job of hiding how cold she was in that adorable dress! After she KILLED IT at the falls, we zoomed back to Salem for some outdoor pool shots at a friend’s home just as the light faded over the horizon. Fortunately, that water was heated!


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