Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Introducing the September installment in the Broadway Musical series…


“Impossible things are happening every day!” SO many good songs in this wonderful musical! “Why would a fella want a girl like her?” “10 minutes ago I met you! I looked up as you came through the door… my head started reeling, you gave me the feeling the room had no ceiling or floor!” That’s got to be my favorite song AND my favorite scene. What’s not to like about a room full of swirling, glittering dresses?

I chose to take a portrait of Cinderella just after she has fled the ball, lived the perfect night, and is enjoying the final moments of the gown of her dreams. The magic is fading, the carriage is changing back into a simple pumpkin and only the memories remain of a “lovely… lovely night…”

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella “Cinderella”
Model: Grace White
Hair and Makeup: Cassi Yoder
Location: Keely K. Studios

The night sky pictures I used in the composite…

b01 b02 What do you use to get your lighting right while your model is in the makeup chair? Well… I use the dress…b10Grace was amazing and worked so hard to get the different expressions, emotions, and poses I was coaching her through.

b04 b05 b06

Then to get matching lighting on the pumpkin, I left the lights up, but lowered them, and took some of the pumpkin by itself so that I would be able to make it look realistic in the final composite. 


Grace looked amazing and Cassi did such a great job with her hair and makeup, we had to be sure to get some close-ups…


I definitely was picturing a “Victorian-era” feel to this shoot and I love the way this antiqued edit of this image came out…

Each and every shoot in this Broadway series has shared one at lease one big common denominator during the shoot itself. There is always a moment, when the sketches are drawn, props collected, the hair and makeup are done, the costume assembled that I turn around and see, in one magical moment, Cinderella… Elphaba… Danny and Sandy… Whether it be an innate sense on my part, or just dumb luck (probably the later) the models I have chosen just ARE the part. Please allow me to take a moment just to thank each and every one of them for allowing me the honor of working with you and for letting go of your inhibitions to help me make some art. You guys are all amazing!!!

Cassi, thank you for being the hair and makeup genius that I will never be and for patiently deciphering my vague descriptions of what I want. Grace, I can’t tell you enough what a perfect Cinderella you were!!! You just ARE Cinderella! Sweet, beautiful, kind, and ready for an adventure. Josie, thank you for helping me stalk Grace. 😉 Caleb thank you for holding my hand through my silk flower emotional breakdown. Rachel and Becky, thank you for letting me borrow your princess dress!!! (Do you even recognize it?) Jen, thank you for helping me find the perfect pumpkin! It’s probably a little bigger than you remember seeing in the bin at Wilco… 😉

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