Brady and Jessica :: Engaged

Brady proposed to Jessica on a windy hill in Scotland. They wanted their engagement pictures to capture the feel of the Scottish woods, have a celtic tone, and celebrate their memories from their travels. We brought along lanterns, warm wool wraps, scarves and sweaters. The day was beautiful and sunny and the woods looked magical. We planned to take some pictures in the creek, but by that time of the fall, the lazy stream had turned into more of a wild torrent. Plan B: head up the road a ways to shoot in the golden leaves of a vineyard. Perfect.

Brady and Jessica, I can’t wait for your wedding in July! You are such a king, generous, fun couple and I feel so truly honored to be joining you on your special day. Brady, you make her glow. Jessica, I smile when I remember how he just couldn’t take his eyes off of you that day. ❤ This shoot was just a taste of the joy you will both feel on the big day!

bj01 bj03 bj05 bj07 bj09 bj12 bj15 bj16 bj18 bj20 bj22 bj25 bj27 bj28 bj34 bj39 bj40 bj41 bj44 bj46 bj48 bj50

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