The Kuenzi Family

I love working with families like the Kuenzis. A beautiful blend of love, fun, discipline, hard-work, and God-centered family life, they inspire me.

This shoot was a perfect example of how there can never be a “perfect” time for a photoshoot, so you should just DO IT! The pictures will still be treasured by them for years despite the fact that little Max was fighting the stomach flu and not his usual perky self. Rebecca had the right attitude and just kept saying, “well, it’s part of the memory.” I hear excuses all the time why now is not the right time to book a shoot: there will always be another sickness, a scrape in the middle of a forehead, a cranky 2 year old, an extra 10 pounds you wish would evaporate… but the truth is, this is your family now, it is beautiful, and it is always better to have it captured “as is” than not at all. ❤

Rebecca made some adorable props for the shoot. Kindergarten teacher, crafter, blogger, and mommy extraordinaire… I want to grow up to be like Rebecca. Check out her sweet blog here!

kf02 kf05 kf06 kf08 kf10lbwkf14 kf15 kf16 kf17 Seriously, his boots were killing me. kf19 Daddy had to come in and try his hand at some comic relief for the little sickie. kf21 kf27lbwkf28 kf29lbwkf30 kf31 kf32 kf34 kf35 A kindergarten teacher and her student! How fun that Lucy gets to be in her mom’s classroom this year! kf36

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