“Tzeitel, Hodel, and Chava” from “Fiddler on the Roof”

Introducing the August installment in the Broadway Musical series…

“Fiddler on the Roof” “Tzeitel, Hodel, and Chava”
Models: Rebekah, Kezia, and Naomi Perkins
Makeup: Gillian Perkins


What do you think of a more sepia/vintage look?

Matchmaker, matchmaker find me a match! I love that song!!! The three oldest sisters in Fiddler on the Roof have always held a special place in my heart. You feel their plight, sing their song, and wish along with them for the “perfect match.” I’ve been waiting for months to do this shoot and it was worth the wait! The setting was perfect, the girls were amazing, and my mom’s rescued kitty was an unexpected bonus to the final product.

As has been the case every month now, I feel that I was blessed with the PERFECT models for the job. Not only did the Perkins sisters have the perfect hair and lovely, innocent faces for the parts, but also brought a huge basket of costumes to pick from!

Thank you girls for being totally awesome, perfect, sweet models! Thank you, Kimberly for being the chicken wrangler! Thank you Mom) for letting us harass the chickens, and you and Stephanie for letting me raid your closets (yet again.) Thank you Gillian for the perfect makeup, once again!

Here are a few more from the shoot…

b01 b02 b03

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