Cort and Megan :: Engaged

I had such a wonderful time with this Cort and Megan during their engagement shoot! They are a beautiful young couple, with kind hearts, and joyful spirits. ❤ We were so blessed to be able to shoot on a friend’s gorgeous property and to have a BEAUTIFUL sunset. It’s amazing to me how much of a subject’s story can be told even through a simple silhouette…

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot…

cm03 cm04 cm05 cm07 cm09 cm12 cm14 cm15cm17 cm19 cm20 cm24 cm27 cm32 cm34 cm35 cm36 cm39 cm42 cm43 cm46 cm47 cm50 cm51 cm52 cm53 cm54 cm55 cm56 cm57 cm58

Megan really wanted a picture with the wooden heart Cort made for her ❤

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