Introducing the July installment in the Broadway Musical series…

You’ve been asking for it and here she is!

“Elphaba” from “Wicked”
Model: Briana Bledsoe
Hair and Makeup: Cassi Yoder



I originally shied away from doing Wicked since I enjoy the music but have never seen the whole musical. However I had so many people asking if I was going to do it, I decided to find all that info I could on the internet and go for it.

Briana played a huge role in my decision to do Wicked and so I found myself unable to picture anyone else as Elphaba.

It wasn’t a hard decision to choose Elphaba for the character. Pretty sure that there isn’t another musical I will be using with an opportunity to color someone green. I love her powerful, yet vulnerable nature and wanted to capture that in her pose and expression. Briana did an awesome job and Cassi always does such exceptional work with hair and makeup. Thanks team!!!

The setting is in a nursery out in Silverton that I have been hoping to shoot in for years! It seemed like the perfect “Oz-like” setting for this!

What are your other favorite musicals???

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