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Introducing the June installment in the Broadway Musical series…

What collection of Broadway Musicals would be complete without “Cats”? Historically, it was on record as the longest running Broadway show until it was passed up by “Phantom of the Opera” in 2006. What Broadway fan does not instantly picture a pair of glowing yellow eyes peering out of the blackness when their hear the title name?

“Jellicle Cat” from “Cats”
Model: Natalie Taylor
Location: Downtown Salem, OR
Hair and Makeup: Cassi Yoder

Straight out of camera…
Final Edit

I wanted to represent the musical through a character, but without using the typical furry costume and crazy cat makeup that you may be accustomed to from the show. I went more for the look of a “person with cat-like attributes”.

That way that cats always seem to take up the entire staircase…

b09 b06 b05 b04 b03

Natalie was the perfect model! Following my every direction perfectly as I practiced my cat-pose directing. What a fun challenge that was! I’d met Natalie on a few occasions before, and when trying to think of a model for this shoot, she came to mind as being rather cat-like. When I told her that, she said that people have told her that before! Crazy! Then she just happened to have several outfits with large cat prints… coincidence? I think not.

I definitely have to give a shout-out to Josh Faville and Tiffany Pichardo for helping me find a dead fish. Wow! Especially Josh who actually dug up his previous day’s catch for me. Originally the idea was for Natalie to be holding it, but as it turns out, smelly, rotting, day-old fish carcasses tend to melt and fall apart when you try to pick them up. Lesson learned. Sorry again, Cassi. Glad you were able to keep your lunch down!

Can you find the fish in the final edit?

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