Ethan and Briana’s Wedding Day

Ethan and Bri are two of the kindest, most giving, caring people you will ever meet. He is a firefighter… she is a nurse… and they ARE in their deepest souls, not just on their resumes.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Danner and Soli did an incredible job with the gorgeous vintage chic decor. So many fun details! I loved the popcorn bar they had for guests to enjoy the tasty treat during the ceremony, and the milk and home-baked cookies they brought out after the cake was served. The firefighter and nurse them was carried throughout (look for little subtle touches in the decor). The Vanderbeck Valley Farm and a beautiful day set the perfect scene for a relaxed and fun party.

Even thought the decor and all the details were breathtaking, it was really the fact that everyone was SO excited and emotional that made my favorite memories from the day. I’m always telling brides not to hold anything back when they feel a strong emotion coming on, and everyone did just that. Tears, laughter, beaming smiles… beautiful. There is so much I could say about those moments, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Ethan and Bri, thank you again for bringing me into this monumental time in your lives. I love you both and feel so honored to have been there to capture your beautiful day ❤

Venue: Vanderbeck Valley Farm

Decor: Danner and Soli

Video: Almquist Video Productions

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Ethan + Briana from Aaron Almquist on Vimeo.

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