Jeret and Kassandra :: Married

Jeret and Kassandra had planned to have me shoot their wedding day in Oregon last month. However there was a small change of plans and their wedding took place in a beautiful meadow in Utah. All three of us were disappointed that I couldn’t be there to capture their day, but we made up for it with a beach shoot the next day when they flew into Oregon on the way to their honeymoon destination.

You never know what you are going to get on the Oregon coast. The drive over consisted of beautiful, warm sunshine… but as we rounded the corner to turn into Pacific City, we were met by an ominous bank of dark fog cascading over the hills in front of us. Yikes! However, we couldn’t have asked for better. The fog calmed the wind into a still, slightly warm air and the tiny waves lapped at the quiet shore. The fog was positively magical!!!

One of my favorite shoots to date, Jeret and Kassandra are two of the sweetest, kindest, most generous people you will meet. They were tired and probably a little jet-legged, but they hung in there like troopers and I felt honored for the privilege of working with them.

I also want to give a little shout-out to Hippie Bride, the maker of Kassandra’s dress. I couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful lace and details in this dress. So fairy-like and ethereal! I love it!!!

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2 thoughts on “Jeret and Kassandra :: Married

  1. This old grandma coukdnt go to Kassie and Jeret Bachelors wedding. You made it come to me. You captured on film all the emotions of their live. You are a WONDERFUL phogographer. Thank you.

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