The Steffen Family

Words cannot describe how much I love this family! We had such a blast during their family shoot… so much laughter! I have already had the pleasure of working with Rachel (you may recognize her as one of our senior reps from the class of 2014) but I was so looking forward to getting to work with the whole, beautiful family. Rach leaves for college SOON and it was so special to be able to capture this family, at their beautiful home, before she spreads her wings. ❤

Some of the funnier moments from the shoot include…

1) As soon as we got set up for the first shot, the sprinklers came on and we all ran screaming.

2) Josh and Rachel practicing their “soft smiles” (if you have had a shoot with me, you know the skill that takes).

3) Their kitty having a “spaz-attack” and flying into the alfalfa field. We are still not quite sure what came over him.

4) Josh getting “baptized” in the family pool.

So many fun moments and great pictures! Hard to narrow it down but here are a few of my favs. Including Josh’s baptism. 😉

sf01 sf04 sf07 sf08 sf10 sf11 sf14 sf16 sf17 sf18 sf19 sf22 sf28 sf32 sf33 sf35 sf36 sf37 sf40

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