Nathan and Josie :: Married

Weddings stand out in my mind for different reasons. Nathan and Josie’s wedding stands out as being THE happiest, most joy-filled occasions I have ever had the honor of attending. I don’t think Nathan could have smiled any bigger, or that Josie could have beamed any brighter. Their families looked on with laughter and tears and the bliss that can only be described as they did in their handmade signs “lovely glorious bliss”. I still tear up when John Legend’s “All of Me” starts playing on my Pandora station.

The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful. Nathan’s grandparents and a teacher from his high school teamed up to perform the ceremony. Again… lots of laughter and many tears. The festivities took place at the St. Paul Rodeo grounds. Amazing what you can do with a bull pen. The guests enjoyed a chili bar and cheesecake for desert. Dancing… laughing… and a sparkler finale…

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day…

njw001 njw020 njw018obwnjw030 njw025njw032 njw050 njw048 njw036njw054 njw056njw060 obwnjw057 obwnjw059njw063 njw087 njw085 njw084 njw080 njw068

  They chose to not do a first look before the ceremony… This is Nathan waiting anxiously to see her for the first time…
  … and when he sees her…

njw111 njw112njw119 njw135 njw134 njw129njw145njw146 njw195 njw194 njw192 njw191 njw184 njw182 njw178 njw174 njw157 njw154 njw152njw203 njw205obwnjw244njw246 njw249njw259 njw292 njw290 njw285 njw260njw305obwnjw306njw307njw310

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