“Lina Lamont”

Introducing the May character for the Broadway Musical series…

“Lina Lamont” from “Singing in the Rain”

Models: Sarah Elliott, Clint Kamstra, Sam Pratt, and David Fahlman
Hair and Makeup: Cassi Yoder
Vintage cameras provided by: Clint Kamstra
Assistant: Stephanie Krieg
Location: Keely K. Studios
I don’t know that she is necessarily supposed to be, but Lina has always been my favorite character from “Singing in the Rain”. She is the epitome of the glamorous, 20s, silent-film era…. with a very quirky dilemma that seemingly everyone but her is aware of. Her unrealistic fantasies about fame, love, and the spotlight only seem to endear her to me. After all, in her own words, she is “a glowing shimmering star in the midst of a cinema firmament.”

This was the hardest image yet for me to plan. Can you tell why? Here’s a hint… how many different paparazzi do you see? You know… three’s a crowd. Hehehehe… Also, finding a beautiful, 20s era dress for less than “a lot of money” was more difficult than I had imagined. Thankfully inspiration struck… Can you tell what the dress is made of?

Here are a few behind-the-scene shots as an example of the types of shots we took to make the final composite…
bts02 bts01 bts03
At the end of the shoot, we took a few portraits of Sarah by herself to show off the amazing job Cassi did with the hair and makeup.
As you can see, it was getting pretty dark in there by this point. My camera was having trouble focusing in the dim light. We used a rather unconventional “hack” to help out and that’s when a little bit of magic happened…
Here are Sarah’s before and after shots of her old-style Hollywood transformation.
sarah_before IMG_65262
This “hollywood” style lighting was created with a rather unusual lighting source… We took a few with some traditional studio lights, but this one was taken with… prepare yourself… 2 smart phones using the flashlight app. Crazy huh? Pretty sure they didn’t do it that way in the 20s.
I couldn’t have been more blessed by the AMAZING team that helped me put all this together. Sarah Elliott for channeling her 20s film star glam in a way I only could have hoped for. The three stooges… I mean… “paparazzi” who kept us entertained during the entire shoot. Clint for bringing his sweet cameras. Cassi for her makeup and hair GENIUS!!! Stephanie for reading my mind when she assists me. Rachel and Elle for being my mannequin and assistants while I was trying to figure out how to make a dress out of a table skirt. And Anya for letting me raid her closet.
The team: Cassi (hair and makeup genius), Clint (owner of the awesome cameras) David and Sam (my “crowd” of paparazzi) Sarah, Stephanie (assistant and overall awesome sister), moi


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