“Danny and Sandy”

Introducing the April characters for the Broadway Musical series…

“Danny and Sandy” from Grease
Models: Luke Westby and Kyla Daniels
Hair and Makeup: Cassi Yoder
Camaro provided by: Paul Tribbett
Assistant: Caleb Kohl


Grease is a Broadway musical classic about a teenage love story between Danny, a “greaser” and Sandy, the “good-girl”. This musical, set in the 50s, is filled with fun, energy, and toe-tapping music.

When creating a portrait for Danny and Sandy, I wanted to portray the fun and the youthful energy, but also cast an underlying note of the teenage “dilemma”. (So much freedom and responsibility, yep perhaps not the wisdom or insight to always make the most “adult” choices. Feeling so grown-up, and not realized that they will look back on themselves from the real adult world as strangers later.) Mostly, I wanted to keep it fun and bright, especially since some of our more recent installments have fallen toward the darker side of life. Be sure to check out some of our previous Broadway posts : “Fantine” “Annie” “Christine”

So many people to thank for helping with this shoot!!! Thank you to… Cassi for once again doing a beyond fabulous job on the hair and makeup (more closeups of Luke’s awesome greaser-do later). Luke and Kyla for being the PERFECT models for the job. (They are a real-life couple and have the sweetest chemistry!) Paul Tribbett for letting us use his sweet vintage Camaro. Clint Kamstra for letting us borrow his leather jacket. Levi Roth for the red converse. My mom and sis for letting me raid their closets (again.) Tara Aman and Rachel Steffen for helping me stalk… ahem… I mean scout for models. And my wonderful hubby for assisting me and taking some behind-the-scenes shots for Instagram. 

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2 thoughts on ““Danny and Sandy”

  1. Watching grease tonight and had to view this fabulous set again- such an awesome job recreating this! 🙂

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