Reagan’s Newborn Portraits

Last summer, I took some anniversary portraits for Jeremy and Laura. When they came in to order their products a couple of weeks later, they asked me to help them turn one of the images into a birth announcement to surprise the family. Boy did I feel like I had to keep the secret of a lifetime! (Some of you know Jeremy’s sister Cassi who is our resident makeup artist.)

And then… 9 months later… what a privilege to get to photograph their perfect, beautiful baby girl, Reagan Elizabeth! She was the perfect, tiny little model. Once we got her to succumb to sleepiness that is… she was fighting the drowsiness with all she was worth. Even those sweet little eyes were going crossed as she used her best efforts to stay away.

I’m constantly amused and surprised by the many little expressions newborns make while slumbering. Reagan was no exception. Bemused little smiles and contented smirks… what do they dream about? So sweet!

Here are some of my select favorites from the shoot…

rn02 rn03 rn04 rn07 rn08 rn14 rn16 rn18 rn19 rn20 rn22 rn26

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