Why should you have engagement portraits taken?

As we book weddings for this summer, I find myself explaining to every couple why having an engagement shoot is important. Here are the top 5 reasons that I think it is important…


1. Learning to Pose

Practice makes perfect! Directions from the photographer like, “chin forward and down” “bend your leg closest to me” “man stance” and “both noses on the glass” make even less sense when you are already nervous and excited on your wedding day. I make sure to teach couples what the cues I give them mean so that we can work quickly, efficiently, and they can feel confident when they follow my directions on their wedding day. They are easy to remember once you know what they mean. Often couples will then remember how to pose themselves in a flattering way without me having to say anything.


2. Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

People who like having their picture taken are few and far between. Often it takes a bit of time during the beginning of a shoot to help one or both clients to relax and be themselves. Once this is accomplished, they can relax and have fun during the rest of the shoot. If you don’t get this opportunity before the wedding day, just imagine adding the nervousness of the wedding to the nervousness of being photographed. It can be a huge challenge for me to help my clients relax and can waste the precious little time we have for portraits.


3. Trusting Your Photographer

I often feel like the engagement shoot is my time to prove to the couple that they can trust me. Not only do I have a chance to show them that I can bring out the best in them, but also that I won’t leave them guessing how to pose, and that I am going to deliver a finished product that they will LOVE. Every photographer has a different style and a different personality. The best option is to always have the photographer you choose for your wedding also take your engagement portraits.


4. Variety in your Home

When decorating your home with your beautiful images, canvases, prints, and albums, it is nice to be able to have some pictures of you on the wall in something besides a wedding dress and suit. You can even plan to wear colors that will coordinate with other home decor in the rooms you are decorating. Remember: these pictures are art for your wall, not just a picture to update your profile with.


5. You will have fun!

Something I hear more and more often after we wrap up a shoot is, “That was so fun!” Engagement shoots are often more laid back and comfortable than the wedding day. It’s a time to hang out with the person you love most in the world, laugh, snuggle and have it all captured in images that you will treasure forever. Celebrate your story… cherish love…


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