“Christine” from The Phantom of the Opera

This year, I will be undertaking a year-long personal project through the studio. The challenge is to take a portrait every month of a character from a Broadway musical. It’s going to be a great way to try out some new techniques and editing styles, as well as collaborate with new people and local businesses. The goal is not to replicate a scene from the play or film, but to create a unique portrait that represents the character and their story. I’ve never committed to a project as big as this before, and I’m feeling a little nervous that I might have trouble following through.  Here I go, announcing it to the world so that I HAVE to!

This is the first portrait of the series…
“Christine” from the Phantom of the Opera
Model: Sarah Weber
Hair and Makeup: Cassi Yoder
Corset and Mask: Lil Gypsy
Assistant: Stephanie Krieg

The character of Christine was fun to explore. She is a very young, trusting, hopeful, and let’s face it, naive individual. She has been “chosen” by the phantom to be his voice and his obsession. He seems to see her as a mature, beautiful seductress, when really she is trustingly following him believing he is an angel sent by her father. I wanted to represent her youth and innocence while still portraying the dark world that the phantom wanted to draw her to.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to take on this first portrait with me! Cassi outdid herself with the beautiful, PERFECT hair and makeup (I’ll have to post more close-ups later). She was so patient when I told her I wanted it to be “dramatic, but youthful, dark, but light…” She understood perfectly.

Sarah was the perfect model! I had to laugh when she agreed to the shoot a few weeks ago, and then the day before asked me “so what exactly are we doing?” She was so eager to help out without a clue of what was actually going on! And during the shoot she was such a good sport! It was about 32 degrees in the freezing fog and all she had was a thin cloak around her bare shoulders. I kept asking her how she was doing and she kept responding with a cheerful smile even though her teeth were chattering. (I especially like that she has the last name as Andrew Lloyd himself!)

And my awesome sister came along as my assistant. Thanks for giving up your Saturday sleep in Steph! She was busy running back and forth to bring me things, carry my stuff, and trying to keep Sarah warm.

Can’t wait for next month! Already planning…

Here are a few before and afters. Follow us on Instagram to see some more “behind the scenes.”

The Original Image


My sister/assistant Stephanie warming up our amazing model Sarah… We were freezing out faces off out there, but we all agreed it was worth it!


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