Josie’s Glamour Shoot

I am so excited to work with Josie and her fiance Nathan when I shoot their wedding this year! They are a beautiful, sweet,  fun couple and I’ll look forward to posting their engagement pictures next month.

Meanwhile, here are Josie’s glamour portraits…

Josie is such a beautiful girl with a smile that truly lights the room. I first met her when she was making me delicious lattes at my favorite coffee hangout. (I remember the first time I saw her thinking that she looked like Hayden Panettiere.)

Josie, thank you giving me the opportunity to capture some of the most important memories in your life. I am so excited for you and Nathan!

Josie’s comments after her glamour session… “I had such an amazing time!!! It was so nice to feel like you are being pampered. It really makes you feel like a lady!! They are great for memories to have for forever!”

My 10 favorites…


blogjg17 blogjg09 blogjg05 blogjg01blogkbwjg06 blogjg27blogkbwjg26 blogjg19blogjg24 blogkbwjg28

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