Do Boudoir or not do Boudoir?

As a Christian photographer, I try to be conscientious about the types of images I post and use in my advertising. I have shied away from ever putting myself out there as a boudoir photographer for that very reason. Now, let me be clear. I am NOT ashamed of the fact that I take boudoir portraits as a part of my business. In fact, I’m proud of it. I get to help women feel beautiful and bless their relationships in a unique way. But I’ve always been afraid of how others might perceive it. I’ve seen some of the boudoir photography out there and I understand that not everyone takes a beautiful, pure, and “non-icky” approach to it. The approach I take is elegant, classy, flirty, and beautiful. I don’t think a woman should have to feel uncomfortable to make beautiful images for her husband. If she feels beautiful, THAT will shine through and be sexier than anything else.


That being said, I will still not be posting many boudoir images. This will be to honor the privacy of my clients and also not to cause anyone to “stumble”. But I do understand that my clients will need some kind of example of what I do in order to trust me. So that I why I suggest you look at some of the examples of my glamour portraits. Glamour

I also asked one of my very first boudoir clients if she would mind giving me a few sentences about her boudoir experience at our studio. She responded with a few paragraphs!

“As a new wife who wanted to bless her husband on valentine’s day, i decided to do something that would completely surprise him- pictures of myself taken just for him. I randomly stumbled upon Keely Kohl’s beautiful photography on facebook and asked her if she had ever done any boudoir shots before. She said she had just finished her first one for a new bride and would love to gain more experience in this area of photography.

I had full confidence in Keely’s ability to capture pictures that would portray my unique style and personality, but I have to admit, I was still a little nervous to get all dolled up for someone other than my husband! I was sure it would be awkward and I wouldn’t be able to be myself, but the moment Keely started the photo shoot, I was completely relaxed and had such a fun time! Keely was so prepared and knew exactly how to capture the moments I wanted to give my husband. We did everything from the sensual to the flirty; we even got in a few nude shots which tells you how comfortable Keely makes you feel! I honestly came away from the boudoir shoot feeling blessed just being able to spend time with Keely!

A couple weeks later, she had finished editing the pictures and I came over to look at them. I was blown away with the results of the photo shoot! Each photo was beautiful and had unique aspects I knew my man would love. I could hardly wait until valentines day to show him my surprise. I had a big print framed for him for his corner of the bedroom and a photo book that Keely had designed for me. I loved the moment when he opened the gift and he got excited about each page of the book and hung up the picture right where he wanted… (okay, right where I said he could put so everyone wouldn’t see it if they peeked in our bedroom.

In this day and age, where pornography and sexual sin is rampant, what a joy it is to be able to give your husband a pure, unadulterated, sexy book of photos that he can enjoy! I can’t recommend Keely Kohl enough for doing your own unique boudoir shoot- you won’t regret it!”

Have you ever had boudoir portraits taken? What was your experience like? Why would you encourage other women to do the same?

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