The Sears Family

I had such a blast working with the Sears family a couple of weeks ago. Such a good looking family, I felt like I should be paying them! The kids were hilarious and full of fun energy. I have learned not to fight it when kids have a hard time holding still in a pose, and just go with it. I love to run with the kids, lay on the ground with them, keep things fast-paced, and get super tired and sweaty in the process. But it is totally worth it!

Thank you Chris, Sherry, Shane, Lucas, Noah, and Olive for letting me be a part of your day to capture this time in your lives. You are all fantastic and a joy to be with! Many blessings on you guys!

bsf01bsf03 bsf04bsf07bsf10 bsf12 bsf13 bsf15 bsf17bsf31 bsf29 bsf28 bsf27 bsf26 bsf25 bsf22bsf24 bsf23

It was a warm day, so after we finished all the “formal” shots, I suggested that the kids cool off in the sprinklers. That was before I knew that young Mr. Lucas had some super sweet moves…


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