Annette and Tara : Mother-Daughter Glamour

I’ve known Annette and Tara for years and I’ve always been impressed by their genuine beautiful spirits. I love them like sisters and was so blessed to be able to photograph them.

Annette is a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. She is an example to me in all three of these roles. Life for the Aman family hasn’t always been easy. Just like anyone, they have had some sorrow and bumps along the road, but with the Lord’s help, have let these things shape them for the better. (That’s how I want to be, better not bitter…)

For example, I might not even know Tara had they not had to go over some of those bumps. They adopted Tara and her brother Lee when they found out they wouldn’t be able to have children of their own. I can’t even imagine their family without these two amazing kids.

Tara is an accomplished ballet student and she trains in the studio where I grew up. Even when she was just a little girl in a pink skirt, I was impressed by her maturity and hard work ethic. It sure has paid off… Keep up the good work girl! I’m so proud of you!

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